Writing Space Makeover On A Budget

I set out to makeover my desk last year after the realization, it doesn’t inspire me. My style is what some would describe as ‘eclectic’. I enjoy bold prints, florals, gold tones, the mix of old and new, and a variety of odd trinkets.

It is important to note that the desk featured was already in my possenssion; a beautiful tea trolley with extendable byleafs. This piece was purchased several years ago from a local consignment shop for $79. Asking friends, or scaveging to find a cheap desk or table can bring your total down. A bulk of your total budget can go directly into your writing desk/chair.

20181012_114048.pngI set my design budget (the details) at $20—bringing the whole project in at just under $100!

Step one for desk makeover: you must dig deep and find your style. Before any bargain hunting can begin you must form a clear design.

Step two: find your desk. It may be an old end table or kitchen island. Anything that will serve as your flat workspace

Step three: choose your design budget. For some the budget may be zero (sourcing items already owned or scouring the local free piles) for others the budget may be bold. Do what is right for you and your wallet.

Step four: shop! Go through your house, ask friends–find everything.

Step five: stage. All of those items collected need to be set on the desk in a way that makes working sense and is stylish. Make sure to leave room for your notebook, laptop, teapot–your actual writing stuff!

20181012_114411.png~*Featured in my design is a pink, glittery tree I got for free (someone clearing out their Christmas
clutter). There is also a glass jar to house my ‘study candy’. A couple of pens with fake flowers taped on –to
add a little somethin’ somethin’. My favorite part of the makeover is a magazine rack purchased for $3 at a
local thrift shop; it is both functional and beautiful. The chair is also a thrift store find for $5. I bought a dress to
use as fabric to reupholster for another $3 (I haven’t gotten to that project yet). Then all that’s missing to talk
about is my laptop and a cup of Turkish coffee.
May this article inspire someone else to clean up their space and start writing again!*~

20181012_114314After taking the photos of my desk and writing this article I could feel a poem. I would like to share that poem
with all of you…. It is meant to be satirical and taken in jest.

Take The Cheer Away

If there was a home big enough for my ego…
The interior design would be too dull
And the garden would be too drab.
Ceilings would be to low
Stairways would need to be more grand
The lighting would be too dark
And the shadows would need more drama
Welcome mat would be too cheerful
The front door far too inviting
Woodwork would be too plain
And the butler would need to be more attentive
The water would be too ‘from the tap’
And the music would need to be more sullen
Kitchen island would be too tiny
Whirlpool would be too hot
And the yelling would strain my voice
Mostly the house would be perfect. Just like me!


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