How To Pumpkin Spice Up Your Room For Under 15$!

Decorating can be challenging, especially on a budget. It’s hard to find ways to feel festive during the season without it taking up time and/or money. Here are a few easy, inexpensive things I did to spice up my room. 

1. Something Fuzzy

Nothing screams “Holiday Season!” more than a nice cozy blanket or pillow. Choosing a blanket or pillow with a fall theme, like leaves or cute animal prints can set a festive tone. If you aren’t into bold prints or want something that isn’t specific to one season try looking for plaid prints or fabrics like wool or cashmere. Your “something fuzzy” doesn’t have to be expensive… I found my leaf throw for 8$! Having a festive blanket or pillow will add a nice touch and can keep you warm during the chilling temperatures.



2. Fall Scents

Candles, air freshener or potpourri are a noticeable way to bring those lovely Fall scents into your space. If you don’t like using harshly scented products like candles and fresheners, alternatives could be essential oils or lighting natural candles made from products like beeswax. Even putting in a pan of cookies or making a cup of hot chocolate can give you a nice temporary scent. 

3. DIY Wall Design

Adding a statement wall if you want something a little more permanent is a nice bold feature for your fall decor. I chose to make my wall with electrical tape, it took only 15 minutes to do and costed only 57 cents! You can also paint, use wall stickers, or use photos to create your own DIY accent wall.

4. Touch of Detail

I wanted to find something that would cover the paint-splattered side table. I decided on a metallic grey, patterned piece of fabric that I found for under 1$. You don’t have to use a tablecloth… details like a cute picture frame or twinkle lights would add a nice touch and pull everything together.



5. Get Artsy!

The paint, brushes, and canvases totaled in at just $4.44! That’s under 5$ for a simple way to show your creative personality this fall. There are no limits to what you could do with some paint and a canvas. Your canvas could also be wood, metal or fabric. I love the ideas of some cute fall sayings, patterns, and I especially love the idea of personalizing it with the date and your name like I did with one of mine above!

My total expense for decorating my room this Fall was just under 15$!

Look around your space to find things you could use to make it more festive. Asking family or friends or shopping at discount stores is a great way to save a few dollars off your seasonal decor. Whatever your style or budget may be, decorating does not have to be stressful or expensive to get a desired look and/or show your personality.