Build A Capsule Make-Up Bag

Living in a tiny house (300 sq ft) with my boyfriend and potty training puppy, I learned I can’t just minimize the house and the closet. One of the quickest and most effective ways I started to simplify my life was when I slowly started to commit to a minimal makeup routine. 

Having a capsule makeup bag will not only give you a bit more consistency but it will also be made up of only the products that you love and use daily. Minus the extras you will not only be taking this bag with you on vacations you will start to implement your capsule makeup bag in your daily life.  

I have emptied my makeup bag to show you what I use. It totals just 10 products!







Matte lipstick

Lip palette


1 Liquid liner

2 Eyeshadow palettes

When looking through your makeup ask yourself “Do I really love it?”, “Do I use that product more than once a week or nearly every time I put on makeup?”

A makeup bag should be a clear reflection of what you love and use. 

Tossing out a portion of your makeup collection or only having a small amount doesn’t have to mean that you will lose your personality in the process. You do not have to choose expensive brand name makeup (though you certainly can) to have a capsule makeup bag fit for you. You also don’t have to go for a natural look or give up your wild colors or brands.


By reviewing your makeup often your bag will help reflect every phase in your life as you are going through it. It might also encourage you to evaluate other aspects in your life regularly.