Periods: 10 Natural Ways To Make Them More Tolerable

Going natural or holistic seems to be the growing outlook on a variety of topics. All over social media there has been a growing number of people interested in taking an approach to life that is not centered around man-made products. The planet that we live on continues to supply us with natural medicines, and our bodies are an incredible force of strength. Women share one common strength, that with the aid of the natural world can be made less painful. Periods. 

From spotting, to periods often referred to as “Labor Pain Periods”, I’ve tried almost everything under the sun to make the week more tolerable. While there might still be times when nothing feels to be working, here are a few holistic or natural ideas my sisters and I recommend to try and make your periods, either less stressful or less painful.


It never hurts to take your vitamins. You can find a variety of natural supplements/vitamins at your local health food store, or do some research online to find where the closest place to you is that carries them. Take them daily or as recommended by your doctor to encourage a healthy body and lifestyle. It just might be the push you need to feeling a little better during that time of the month.

Tea, Tea, more Tea!:

This has always been the most helpful for me. Different teas can do different things so try teas like Chamomile, Peppermint or Ginger that have been said to be anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory. When you feel cramps starting make yourself a cup of tea and relax.

Indulge In Cravings:

Don’t deny your body’s cravings. Whether it be chocolate, or a nice juicy burger it’s okay to give your self a treat. That being said it is a treat. If you are a person that craves more frequently (like me) try things like dark chocolate (72% or higher), avocados or jerky which are a healthier substitute but won’t deprive you of your cravings. 

Eat Well:

Your body is experiencing pain, it is going through noticeable changes this time of month. While you should always aim to be healthy, I know I tend to take out the bigger guns during that week. Make more smoothies. Add more spices. Eat more veggies. Drink lots of water, tea, or infused spice drinks. Your body needs a little extra love.


Yoga. Stretching. Walk. I hardly ever do intense, lengthy workouts, so I won’t advocate that. If you feel comfortable doing that, go for it! Just doing a fast, light workout on a day you don’t even feel like getting out of bed might give you some much needed energy. A quick yoga or stretching routine will also help ease some soreness and give you a bit more mental clarity.

Keep Your Mind Engaged:

Thinking about the pain can make the pain worse than it is. Right? Try and do activities to benefit the brain, such as mind games, cooking, reading a book to focus on something else.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oil:

Using essential oil though massage or inhalation can support and aid healing in your body. Different scents are said to provide different healing properties. Some of these fragrances can offer balance, clarity or calmness. You are also not just limited to using oils. Instead of using essential oils you can try to find natural room sprays or even put dried lavender leaves in a sachet to place near your bed to encourage a good night sleep.

Ice/Hot Pads:

With periods can come intense cramps and back pain. Ice and heat can help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Make sure you are using the pads correctly. You can find natural ice/hot pads online, though they are a bit more costly you will feel good about helping the planet. Or you can attempt to make your own. However, I would only do this with caution (and perhaps supervision). 

Hot Showers/Baths:

I didn’t start to do this until I got my first “labor pain period” about 6 months ago. At the time the only think I was thinking was, “How can I make this pain go away?!” One of the ways I found online was to draw a hot bath. So I did. It worked! Somehow the hot water seemed to calm me down and the intense cramping disappeared. A bath is also a perfect opportunity to indulge in your solitude by adding some Epsom salt or essential oil.