No Bake, Tofu Chocolate Mousse, Pumpkin Pie


This pumpkin pie isn’t one my grandma would likely make. It isn’t even what I’m used to making, (I can’t remember a time I made a pie with pre-made crust). However, when brought to a house full of teenage boys, both pies were in very full bellies by the time we left.


A cross between a french silk pie and a pumpkin pie makes this the perfect pie for the holiday season! It combines all of my favorite pie ingredients: chocolate, pumpkin, whipped cream, and graham crackers. The tofu, adding some dairy-free and flavorless creaminess, might even trick you into thinking its healthy.

*makes 2 pies*


2 Chocolate graham cracker crusts

2 Cool Whip tubs (optional)

Pumpkin Layer:

1 10 oz can Pumpkin Puree (100%)

Cinnamon (as desired)

Nutmeg (as desired)

Maple Syrup (as desired)

Mousse Layer:

6 oz Chocolate

1 package Silken (or soft) Tofu

2 Tbsp Maple syrup (optional)


Mix pumpkin puree, maple syrup, nutmeg, and cinnamon in a small-medium bowl. Adding spices and syrup until desired.


Pour the mixture onto your chocolate graham cracker crust. Freeze until the pumpkin puree mixture looks like it could hold its shape when cut (about an hour or two).


While the pumpkin puree mixture is in the freezer melt 6 oz of chocolate chips in a small bowl at 30 sec intervals. Stir after each one until chocolate is completely melted.

In another small bowl empty a 12 oz package of silken tofu. Mash until it is as smooth and creamy as possible. It will be more smooth if you have a blender. I do not have one, so it doesn’t look too appealing…it’s more clumpy than I would’ve liked.

Stir the melted chocolate into the tofu.


Once your pumpkin puree in the freezer has set, take it out and pour the chocolate tofu on the pumpkin puree. Freeze until set or over night.


15- 30 minutes before you serve take out your pies to let thaw. Put the cool whip on top of your pies.


This pie can easily be made dairy-free, by skipping the whipped cream and looking for dairy-free chocolate. Though Thanksgiving is over… this pie looks like it might just make it’s way onto your table for Christmas. 

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