Beauty Is Running (literally) On Coffee & Mascara


Fashion. Beauty. Coffee. These might be three of my biggest passions. Yet, as I sit eating my breakfast (that includes black coffee), writing about these topics proves to be difficult. The directions you could take seem limitless, that’s why I stalled for a long time on what to write…

Growing up in the rural Midwest, fashion was my way out. I’m sure there are a lot of people that use or used fashion as an escape. When I was growing up I didn’t see any noticeable differences in styles around me. It was jeans and T-shirts. There is nothing wrong with jeans and T-shirts…they are the best Go-To! 

I didn’t want to wear them on a daily basis, however. I had a personality that didn’t want to be molded (still do). I rocked the tutu til 9th grade (proudly!). I wore black tailored pants with wing-tipped shoes, and long silk shirts with chopsticks in my hair. My favorite piece must’ve been the long, blue, off the shoulder dress patterned with seashells. It was pretty. It made a statement. I like statements.

“Throw on some mascara, grab some coffee and exert your beauty everywhere. “

Since graduating from high school my style toned down…because my life was running at full speed. I had gotten an apartment and was working full- time, (often early, nights, or doubles). A T-shirt and jeans was not just the uniform…it was now my closet. I was quite literally running on mascara and coffee. Shamefully, sometimes slurping down three to four cups a day or cups with up to six shots of espresso in them. 

I knew I needed to take a pause. My life was becoming so stressful it was becoming unhealthy. Now, coffee isn’t an impulse to adding energy, its a reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. 

I realized that just wearing coffee and mascara is all you really need. It’s simple. Simple things can be the most beautiful things. More often than not the women that run on coffee and mascara aren’t lacking style, their lives are just hectic. They are the women who work over-time, who live colorful lives and the ones who might most appreciate a compliment. They are the women that need to take more time for themselves. They are beautiful and strong. 

Fashion isn’t limited to dresses and heels. Beauty isn’t just putting on makeup. It’s confidence. It’s personality. It’s self-love. You don’t need layers of makeup. You don’t need silk shirts or stilettos. Throw on some mascara, grab some coffee and exert your beauty everywhere.

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