About Us



I’m Lily, I grew up in the beautiful Midwest as the youngest of 10. After recently graduating I had gotten an apartment and soon after decided to move and live with my boyfriend. In Texas!

With a little too much free time, I’ve been wanting to share my experience in the place I’ll always call home and in my most recent one. Now, I am not a professional cook, I am not really a professional anything and I make that very clear. I simply love to write, cook and inspire people to do the same.

I really enjoy cleaning. Cooking. Painting. Coffee (black). Yoga. Mostly I enjoy having my sisters or friends over for a nice get-together. Being from the Midwest I feel it is important to share a little love to everyone we meet. One way to do that is with a nice home-made meal, a hot cup of coffee, or even some loving advice.

Every recipe we share or create has been tested and approved by us. A lot of the recipes are quick, easy and can be made in a make-shift, small or simply messy kitchen…not to mention they’re tasty!

My sister, (down below) is going to be helping me since I don’t necessarily have all the resources to do everything that I would like. She is an amazing editor, and writer, among other things. She is simply wonderful!


I am Chelsea, the older sister of Lily. This blog is her project and I will try to impart my wisdom when needed. I grew up in that same big family–all of us kids are grown, leaving that small town and going our own directions.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is where I live with my wonderful husband. I think the views in this little oasis are stunning but the local slang drives me crazy!

I am honored Lily asked for my input with this blog and hope everyone can feel the warmth of the Midwest–or as the title would suggest, ‘The Midwest Love’.


As a side note, I would like to remind all readers:

  1. This is not a professionally displayed publication.
  2. This blog was not created for profit.
  3. Your comments and opinions are valued but this is not a forum for gossip or negativity.
  4. While grammar is important it is not going to be harshly critiqued in this publication. The focus should be on fun writing and not formality. I’ve probably made several mistakes in this introduction….